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The kakapo is a critically endangered species of large, flightless, nocturnal, ground-dwelling parrot of the super-family Strigopoidea endemic to New Zealand. It has finely blotched yellow-green plumage, a distinct facial disc of sensory, vibrissa-like feathers, a large grey beak, short legs, large feet, and wings and a tail of relatively short length.

The total known population is only 126 living individuals, as reported by the Kakapo Recovery programme, most of which have been given names.Because of Polynesian and European colonisation and the introduction of predators such as cats, rats, ferrets, and stoats, the kakapo was almost wiped out. Conservation efforts began in the 1890s, but they were not very successful until the implementation of the Kakapo Recovery plan in the 1980s. (x) 

There are ways you can help save the kakapo population through donations, adoptions, voluteering, becoming a supporter, or buying merchadise. 

Please spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You can find more information on the endangered kakapo herehere, and here .

is this the rare head-shagging parrot from that gif 

I believe it is and is it not the cutest of cuties

i love this bird please help this bird


Registration Window: Monday, October 13

We are happy to announce that Flight Rising will be open for a registration window on Monday, October 13th. Registration will be available at 5:30 Server Time on October 13th, and close at 5:30 Server Time on Tuesday, October 14th.

We are very excited to open the gates once more and welcome new clans to the world of Flight Rising. Be sure to tell all of your friends! Accounts that you refer award you with free gems when your friend purchases them.

(NOTE: Please remember that Flight Rising’s Terms of Use and Multiple Account Policy prohibit registering more than one account per person.)


I unfortunately need to sell my kitty fursuit. As much as I love him, the sizing issue is just too much and I don’t have much faith that I can get him resized before the con.
I’ve worn this fursuit at two events now, but I will wash him before he’s sent out. The inner material has a pink stain from a shirt I wore underneath it but the stain won’t affect any wearing and it won’t bleed through.
This fursuit was made by MushiMagic fursuits. You can see more pictures at SiberianTabby and here:
I’ve named him Silva but the gender and name is yours to choose once you own this beautiful suit.

I’d like $750 plus shipping for this fursuit. I originally paid $800. There’s no damage, but since it’s used I figured I’d take a little off.
I may also take a trade for this fursuit. I’d like another fullsuit in return. Please note me or comment with offers. I’d prefer not to take a trade, but I will consider all offers.

Sizing info (taken from the auction I originally got this from)

The Head
The head will fit up to a 24” head. It’s roomy, cool and lightweight. It’s fully lined and padded for comfort. It has a static, non moving jaw. It will still comfortably fit smaller heads.

The Paws
The hand paws have 4 fingers with sewn, fleece, pawpads. They are one size fits all and simply slip on. They are just over wrist length.

The Tail
The tail is attached via a wide belt loop that is inserted into the bodysuit for a seamless look.

The Feet:
The feetpaws were made with outdoor soles on womens’ size 9 1/2 shoes.

The Body
The body features a hidden zipper on the front for closure and will fit the following measurements:
Height: 5’4” chest: 42” waist: 38” hips: 41” Inseam: 29” Arm length 22”

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! If there’s no interest, this fursuit will be listed on Furbuy next week.

FA link:

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